UK Drifting Videos D1GP
UK Drifting Videos D1GP

Honda S2000, Honda NSX / Acura NSX - Buyers guide

Honda s2000 Drift car

  No Civics here, well not normal ones. For a great drift car by Honda go for the Honda s2000. 240bhp from the 2 litre NA (Naturally Aspirated) engine provides plenty from the showroom for major drift action and 0-60 in 6.2s. The S2000 features perfect 50/50 weight distrubtion to provide excellent controllable handling (in the right conditions) to go with the 9000rpm redline! Only thing to watch is the relatively small powerband, which I personally prefer as it rewards the good driver, and makes every drift all the more sweeter. In the wet they are very slidey, providing possible unwanted drift action. Despite the high level of standard tune (120bhp per litre), the engine is very tunable, and there are numerous body kits and engine parts to make your s2000 stand out. Expect to pay £7000-18000 2nd Hand

The Honda NSX is the ultimate Japanese car. Forget the even the awesome Nissan Skyline, this Mid Engined 276bhp beast is simple to drive around town, and EPIC to drive fast! If you pull up anywhere in one of these, expect respect from car fans all over. Running costs arent as high as you would expect either. As for drift cars they are harder than front engined cars to drift around sucessive corners, however if you're after the odd one corner drift you cant beat the fun and the sound of the NSXs 3.0 or 3.2 litre V6. 0-60 in 5.2 seconds, just dont get an automatic as they are slow dropping to 7.5s to 60, while the Targas have a wobbly chassis, but look superb! Expect to pay at least £12000-25000 for a good NSX depending on year. Do not pay less as it will be rubbish. Honest!

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