UK Drifting Videos D1GP
UK Drifting Videos D1GP

Nissan Skyline R32, R33, R34, Nissan Skyline 350GT/Infiniti G35 - Buyers guide

Nissan Skyline V35 350GT / Infiniti G35
infiniti g35 nissan skyline v35 drift car

For something rare and beautiful in the UK go for the new Nissan Skyline V35 series, known in the US as the Infiniti G35 coupe or sedan. The engine and chassis is the same as the Nissan 350z, with the VQ35DE 3.5 litre providing 280bhp with 2005 models having 298bhp but a decrease in torque from the 270ft/lbs to 260ft/lbs. 0-60 comes in 6 seconds. The Infiniti has the snob value of not being a Nissan badge, and has extra exclusivity in the UK as the brand does not exist, although it is rumoured to be coming in 2008. Differences with the 350z go further than having 4 seats! It is a more luxurious car, while still being sporty. In the US, the G35 has won numerous awards, and has become popular with tuning companies. So much so that a Falken G35 ran in D1GP demos in the US. It looked and went great too. Even stock, like the 350z they are great drift cars, but with the increased aftermarket parts being available from the US and Japan, they could be a real contender. Only real downside is they are still relatively new so expect to pay £14,000 minimum

The infamous Nissan Skyline GTR. Ever since Gran Turismo on the PS1, you have probably loved this car, and dreamed of tuning its RB26 to over 900bhp just like the game, and now you wanna take it drifting. Well no. 4WD means a seriously expensive conversion to make that dream a reality. In fact even D1GP teams use the cheaper, but still easily tunable GTS-T and GTT which are conveniently RWD. R34 has the most technology, but that doesn't stop them being entertaining, just like their older GTR brothers. Older GTS-T R32s have RB20 2 litre which is powerful and provides a great noise, as with all RB engines, however the cream is the RB25DET. 255PS in R33 form and 280bhp in R34 GT-T with 0-60 in 6.18s and 6.0s respectively. It is much cheaper to insure than the GTR. Ken Nomura in the 2006 D1GP uses his ER34 to great effect showing that the large size of the Skyline compared to something like an ae86 does not hinder it. Bad side is cost, as they are hugely desirable as you know. Parts are readily available but are expensive compared to other cars. Also ALL GTS-T and GTT Skylines are imports, which pushes insurance up. However if you make the choice, you will have a great car which if looked after will last.

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