UK Drifting Videos D1GP
UK Drifting Videos D1GP

Nissan Silvia S13, S14 S15, 200sx - Buyers guide

Nissan Silvia S13, S14, S15, 200sx

nissan 200sx uk drifting
The 200SX, Silvia or whatever you call it depending on market, is one of if not the car you think of when you think about drifting. Popular on the D1GP circuit, and on the street thanks to cheap prices of the eariler S13 models, and its 1.8 or later models 2.0 Turbo engine providing up 250bhp in its SR20DET version in the S15, while the s13 1.8 having 180BHP. A S14 providing 0-60 in 7.8s, while other models providing similar performance. The car is superb and if you want to build a drift car, you can get parts relatively cheap, and to your exact specification as it really is the drift car along with the Toyota AE86 Corolla. The only problem being the standard suspension is too soft, but if you are serious about drifting, thats not gonna be in there for very long! S14s are slighty lower, wider and shorter than the S13 and much more rounded in styling, but there are so many kits out there that you can change the looks as much as the engines performance. If your really loaded, how about a RB26 swap from a Skyline GTR? Rarer versions include the S15 Varietta, which has a folding hardtop, 206CC style. This being probably the only way to build a rare drift Silvia. Rare or not, the Silvia is a great drift car and has everything you could ever want for the street or the track. Expect to pay £2000 for a GOOD S13. be aware of cheap £800 ones. My cousin found this out for himself! S14s are rarer in UK and expect around £6000.  

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