UK Drifting Videos D1GP
UK Drifting Videos D1GP

Toyota MR2 Turbo/Roadster, Toyota Chaser - Buyers guide

Toyota MR2 Turbo/Roadster
toyota mr2 turbo roadster uk drift

Mid Engined and Turbo charged for superb fun! The 2nd gen MR2 Turbo can outrun 99% of the cars on the road in the UK for a very reasonable price, nowadays only £2000 for a good one. However all Turbos are imports but who can argue with 0-60 in 5.9s and 220bhp? Just dont expect your insurance to be cheap. Good looks and high number of body kits and performance parts make it a suitable choice for beginner drifters. The latest model the mk3 Roadster has no turbo, but a great SMT (Sequential Manual Transmission) which provides great fun, as to the true "roadster" looks. The Roadster is actually the lightest MR2, and turbo kits come in at a reasonable price for that increase in horsepower. Stock it has only 140bhp but thanks to the weight 0-60 is achieved in 7.5s. While the Mk2 looks less girly stock, the MR2 Roadster can look mean with a set of flared arches and a good kit. Just dont be put off by stock looks the £6-7000 price tag, as it really is a great car. With these cars its all about budget, and what you are after. Mk2s are two a penny modified, but you rarely see a good mk3.

If you want a rare UK Drift car, but one which has a large following, go for the Toyota Chaser. In Japan it was used for touring cars with some success, but it exploded with the increased popularity of drifting, and there are a large number of parts available. A great car to stand out from the Silvia crowd. One option available is a swap form the 1JZ-GTE to the Supra's 2JZ-GTE engine. Although there is a large following for the 1JZ-GTE in its GT Twin Turbo form which produces 276bhp at 6200rpm. If you did indulge, you would have to get most parts from Japan, but it would be well worth it for pure individuality. A great car which is often overlooked. Expect to pay around £3000-7000 depending on age for a good example.

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